Women’s Tennis Tournament

May 1, 12 a.m. – 4 p.m., Tennis Club 15:40

Sofia Pride Sports has the pleasure to support for the first time the Women Can Too. Play Tennis Tournament which has already gained popularity. Follow our Facebook event for more information.

Holistic Health Seminar

Семинар за холистично здраве

May 11, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. – Rainbow Hub, 24 Lyuben Karavelov Str.

In our hectic everyday life, we rarely have time for complete rest, enough sleep, or to pay attention to the way we eat and therefore during the Seminar, we will pay attention to the basic principles of healthy lifestyle. Follow our Facebook event for more information.

Bachata Dance Class for Same-Sex Couples

Урок по бачата

May 11, 4.30 – 5.30 p.m., Easy Club, 6 Profesor Boyan Kamenov Str., Studentski grad

Come and feel the magic of Bachata – a dance of mutual trust and respect! Follow our Facebook event for more information.

Equality Run – 3 km Run in Pairs

Equality Run 2019

May 12, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., Zaimov park

Sofia Pride Sports has the pleasure to invite all sports enthusiasts to the second edition of our 3 km race in pairs – Equality Run V2.0! Follow our Facebook event for more information.

Football Tournament

Футболен турнир

May 18, 3 – 7 p.m., Mir i druzhba sports complex, 83 Nikola Gabrovski Str., Studentski grad

The second edition of Sofia Pride Football Tournament will offer unforgettable emotions and lots of fun! Follow our Facebook event for more information.


Power Politics Kiki Ball - София Прайд 2019

Presented by GLAS Foundation

18th of May, starting at 8 pm
Venue: National Student House

Inspired by the slogan of Sofia Pride 2019 (“Don’t empower hate, empower love”), this will be the second ball in Sofia, Bulgaria. You’re welcome to come and experiment with categories you’ve never walked before while having fun!

Commentator: Victor Stransky
Host: Miryana, a.k.a bumblepig, founding mother of House of Vagrancy
Judges: Katrin Blantar (founding mother of House of Vivi), TBA
DJ: Julieta Intergalactica


3.00 pm – 4.30 pm: Vogue Elements & Styles Workshop by Katrin La Draganda

1 more class TBA

Ball doors open for participants: 6.30 pm (the venue has changing rooms)

Ball doors open for spectators: 8.00 pm

Start of Ball: 9.00 pm


Out - прожекция на София Прайд 2019

23 май, 19:00 ч., Дом на киното

Франция, 2018, 67′

Режисьор: Дени Паро

Чрез монтаж на мощни и вълнуващи клипчета, качени в интернет от млади гейове, бисексуални, лесбийки и транссексуални, филмът ни кара да изпитаме онзи неописуем момент, в който тези хора разкриват себе си. След това личният и социалният им живот се променя завинаги.


Форми - изложба на София Прайд 2019

27th of May – 2th of June

Opening: 27th of May, 7 pm, venue: Aether

Vladimir Shukov, Ivaylo Minkov, Svetli Evgeniev, Harita Asumani, Teodora Doncheva-Techwoo

The forms that arouse us. The forms that define us. The forms that make our subconscious dream or wander. Geometric and fluid, provocative and intimate. SPA presents Bulgarian artists selected by an open call and their works shown for the first time to the audience. Our community is often forced to play roles and take forms to conceal its essence. In fact, this exhibition will go beyond this taboo and scandalize our perceptions beyond what is socially accepted and heteronormative.


Полиленд - София Прайд 2019

28 май, 20:30 ч., Одеон

Полша, 2018, 72′

Режисьор: Даса Райманова

Този документален филм разказва за три различни жени, които са жертви на различен тип дискриминация – да си мюсюлманин, да си чернокож и да си част от ЛГБТ обществото. Всичко това се случва във Вроцлав – Европейската столица на културата за 2016 г.

Mobility Workshop

Клас по мобилност

May 29, 4 – 5 p.m., Yoga Vibe Studio (the number of participants will determine which one)

The training is aimed at mastering basic movement skills and range of mobility. The goal of the training is the quality of the movement and the form of execution, not the quantity of work done. Follow our Facebook event for more information.

Pass The Ammo

Date: 30-31 May

Opening: 18:30 on May 30, SeeMeOn 29, str. Tsar Simeon 29, Sofia

Pass The Ammo # 2 is the second edition of our pop-up exhibition series that portray art as a weapon for social change. The art content is generated within a weekend as part of Fine Acts Sprints – an innovative format in which visual artists have only 48 hours to create human rights works. This edition is devoted to LGBTI rights, focusing on the issues of coming out and homophobia. All created art works will be featured on the free online platform, TheAmmo.org, so that organizations and activists from around the world can use them in their campaigns and communications. The Sprints format is originally created by Fine Acts – a global platform for socially engaged creative solutions.


31st of May, 7 pm, venue: Rainbow Hub

The very first auction of the collection of Sofia Pride Arts. In the last 6 years, the cultural festival has acquired numerous works by local and international artists. Individual copies of those will be sold at the informal event. The funds raised will be donated to the first community center – the Rainbow Hub.

Street Self-Defence Workshop

Уъркшоп по улична самозащита

June 1, 3 – 6 p.m., TBA

The workshop will be led by certified Wing Tjsun instructors who will demonstrate some basic stunts to surprise attackers in a potential street attack. Follow our Facebook event for more information.

The Laramie Project

2nd of June, venue: National Student House

The Laramie Project (2000) is a play created by Moisés Kaufman and his Tectonic Theater Project as a reaction to the murder of Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming in 1998. The company travels to the town and interviews over 200 residents, and the interviews are then adapted into a play with short scenes divided into three acts. The opinions of the interviewees transmit different attitudes and draw an objective portrait of the town without aiming to direct the audience to a certain opinion.

Matthew Shepard’s murder is a turning point in LGBT+ history as it is one of the first cases in which a hate crime has received national and international attention and has led to a change in federal hate crimes laws.

Reading the play in Sofia aims to bring an American story to the Bulgarian scene, as LGBT+ history exists beyond borders, and people and their destinies that have influenced changes in laws and social attitudes should be remembered and respected in the whole world. So, from Laramie to Sofia, a company of eight actors play over 60 roles to breathe new life and give a new voice to the citizens of the Wyoming town and their reactions in the face of tragedy and hate.


Trans Balkans - София Прайд 2019

Aleksandar Crnogorac

3 – 9 June

Opening: 3rd of June, 6.30 pm, venue: Rainbow Hub

TransBalkan is a documentary photographic project which focuses on the transgender community in the Balkan region, Southeastern Europe. The author has traveled most of the ex-Yugoslavian republics, starting in Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, and along the way has met some 30 plus people whom he not only photographed but also interviewed. Amongst the participants photographed are people of different nationalities, religions, ages, social statuses, educational backgrounds and, of course, individuals at different phases of their own personal transition. The intent is not to dive into the politics of the transgender community, the focus is rather on the personal aspect of the human experience of these individuals with the scope of raising awareness and higher visibility for the transgender community in the Balkans which is so often misrepresented and misunderstood in this region of the world.

Each person is presented with one large-scale portrait at the exhibition, together with a text focusing on the individual experience. As of January 2019, the office of the United Nations in Serbia has given its support to this project and is enlisting it in its 2019 UN Free & Equal campaign for LGBT equality, as well as in its 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights.

Aleksandar Crnogorac was born in Austria to parents of Yugoslavian background.  He spent his early childhood in Belgrade and later moved to Switzerland where he completed high school. He has received a BA in International Relations and Political Science from the University of Southern California and later an MA from Kings College in London and the Speos Institute in Paris. In his photographic work, Aleksandar has often focused on the relationship between the individual and the wider society and, in particular, on the relationship between the physical and mental human experience. He currently lives and works between Belgrade and Milan and is dedicated to both long-term documentary projects and short-term commercial work.


Kaloyan Rusinov

4 – 7 June

Opening: 4th of June, 7 pm, venue: Aether

Paper-Daddy is a project by the Bulgarian illustrator Kaloyan Rusinov and is an online blog/site where he publishes his erotic gay comics (manga) and illustrations for more than 5 years. Paper-Daddy idealizes the male body and shows gay men in etudes unencumbered by taboo and prejudice. In the exhibition, you will be able to see selected works from the period 2015-2019. At the opening of the exhibition, there will also be a short discussion with the author about his motives for the creation of erotic art in Bulgaria and about the style in which he works – Gay Manga.


Euphoria - София Прайд 2019

4 юни, 20:30 ч., Одеон

Италия, 2018, 115′

Режисьор: Валерия Голино

В ролите: Рикардо Скамарчио, Валерио Мастандреа, Изабела Ферари, Валентина Черви, Андреа Германи, Марциа Убалди, Ясмине Тринча

Матео е успешен млад, безскрупулен и очарователен предприемач. Брат му Еторе живее в малкото провинциално градче, в което двамата са отраснали, и преподава в училище. Той е деликатен и честен мъж, който винаги е стоял леко встрани, в сянка, от страх да не направи грешка. На пръв поглед двамата изглеждат много различни. Но животът ги събира отново и една трудна ситуация им дава възможност да се опознаят и преоткрият.

GAZE on Tour 2018 - Irish LGBT shorts

GAZE on tour - София Прайд 2019

5 юни, 20:30 ч., Одеон

Ирландия, 2018, 86‘

Режисьори: Eleanor Rogers, Eoin Maher, Kate Dolan, Harry Lighton, Hugh Rogers, Paul Rowley

Късометражна програма, курирана от фестивала GAZE 2018, която отразява цветния спектър от гласове, смелите фантазии и уникални преживявания на ирландската ЛГБТ общност. Научете повече тук.


Obscuro Barroco - София Прайд 2019

7 юни, 20:30 ч., Одеон


Гърция-Франция, 2018, 60‘

Режисьор: Евангелия Краниоти

Кино, което трансформира и поглъща. Следвайки емблематичната транссексуална фигура Луана Мунис (1961-2017), OBSCURO BARROCO задава въпроси за желанието за трансформация на тялото, както интимна, така и социална.

Честит рожден ден, Марша! - София Прайд 2019


САЩ, 2018, 14′

Режисьори: Reina Gossett & Sasha Wortzel

Филм за емблематичната транссексуална активистка, Marsha “Pay it No Mind” Johnson и нейния живот в часовете, преди да запали бунтовете в „Стоунуол“ от 1969 г. в Ню Йорк.

Volleyball Torunament

Волейболен турнир

June 8, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., TBA

We dared to be pioneers and organize the first LGBTI Volleyball Tournament on the Balkans as part of Sofia Pride Sports 2019! 🏆 Follow our Facebook event for more information.