June 4: Film Fest - Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?

Event: Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? (UK/Israel)

Time and place: 19.00 at Dom na Kinoto

June 5: Art Week - Gender Fluid and Strawberry Finns

Event: Gender Fluid and Strawberry Finns (concert)

Time and place: 19.30 at the Red House Centre of Culture and Debate

June 5: Film Fest - Adrianna

Event: Adrianna (Italy)

Time and place: 20.30 at Kino Odeon

June 6: Art Week - REGNVM — A Series Of Underwater Portraits

Event: REGNVM — A Series Of Underwater Portraits, Kris Micallef, Malta (photo exhibition)


Time and place: 19.00 at Gallery 2.0, Str. 6-th Septemvri 26

June 6: Film Fest - Barash

Event: Barash (Israel)

Time and place: 20.30 at Kino Odeon

June 7: Art Week - The Sexorcist

Event: The Sexorcist, Voin de Voin, Bulgaria (performance)

Time and place: 17.00 at Æther, Str. Knyas Boris I 39

June 7: Art Week - How Big Is Big Love?

Event: How Big Is Big Love?

Колко голяма е голямата любов?, Yavor Veselinov, Bulgaria (book presentation)

Time and place: 18.30 at Gallery Credo Bonum

June 7: Film Fest - Real Boy

Event: Real Boy (US)

Time and place: 20.30 at Kino Odeon

June 8: Roundtable ``For I Am Wonderfully Made``

Event: For I Am Wonderfully Made

Problems of LGBT Inclusion in Eastern Orthodoxy


Time and place: 17.30–19.30 at the American Corner Sofia City Library

Organized by Sofia Pride together with The European Network on Religion & Belief and The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups

June 8: Art Week - Pride

Event: Pride, Bulgaria (play)

Time and place: 19.00 at DNK

June 8: Film Fest - Inside the Chinese Closet

Event: Inside the Chinese Closet (The Netherlands)

Time and place: 21.00 at Kino Odeon

June 9 - Public discussion


Panel 1: Sofia Pride: 10 years ago, today and tomorrow

Panel 2: Prejudices on the Balkans & how to overcome them

Organized by Friedrich Naumann Foundation in cooperation with Sofia Pride.

Time and place: 14.00–17.30 at the French Cultural institute

June 9: Art Week - The Gallery Project

Event: The Gallery Project, 42 LGBTI artists from 27 countries (exhibition)

Time and place: 18.30 at Club Yalta, Art Room

June 9: Film Fest - KIKI

Event: KIKI (US/Sweden)

Time and place: 19.00 at Dom na kinoto

June 9 - Closing Party of Sofia Pride Film Fest

Event: Closing Party of Sofia Pride Film Fest

Time and place: 22.00 at the Underground Art Gallery

June 10 - Absolute Love After party

Event: Absolut Love: Sofia Pride Official After Party

Time and place: 23.30 at Club Yalta