This page describes the terms for participation and safety rules during the march of Sofia Pride 2018. The organizers of the event are taking security measures very seriously. As the procession is a mass event, it will be guarded by many policemen. Nevertheless, the responsibility of each participant in the event is to meet and comply with the terms, rules and recommendations listed here. Failure to comply with some of the terms and conditions may be a reason not to be allowed to participate in the march or be removed during the course of the event.

We invite the participants:

  • before and after the procession, to walk in groups without displaying rainbow accessories or other symbols that distinguish them as non-heterosexual, transgender, intersex, or people supporting the procession.
  • to enter the event in the front of the Monument of the Soviet Army (Knazheska Garden, Sofia) – from Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd – between 16:00 and 18:30. Joining the procession while it moves will not be possible. Joining the event after the procession finishes will be allowed again.
  • to avoid entering the park from the Gen. Joseph V. Gurko Str.
  • in case you are traveling by underground, to use the metro station Sofia University and walk by foot from there.
  • to come and leave from the metro station (Sofia University), by another public transport or by taxi.
  • not to provoke or respond in any way (neither negative nor positive) to provocations by people outside the procession.
  • not to leave the procession before its official end.
  • if you notice an irregularity, you should turn to a person who has a security designation or a policeman.

It is recommended carry not an umbrella but a raincoat. If you carry an umbrella, please use a folding umbrella.

People carrying the following will not be admitted:

  • firearms, knives, metal boxes, chains, etc.
  • explosive materials and highly flammable liquids (including de-oxidants).
  • glass bottles with a volume of more than 50 ml and plastic bottles with a volume of more than 500 ml. Drinks will be sold at the gathering point on the premise.

Persons under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants, persons whose identity cannot be identified, and persons suspected of posing a risk to the security of participants or intending to violate public order will not be admitted. It is up to the organizers to decide who to admit to the pride.

Persons under the age of 14 should be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

We warn the participants that a counter-demonstration is planned to take place behind the Monument of the Soviet Army in the Knyazheska Garden, whose messages the participants probably would not want to face. For this reason, we recommend entering the Knyazheska Garden from General Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.

In the event of a post-strike incident, we call on all participants to notify both the organizers at tel.: +359 884 851 222 or through the contact form on the event’s website as well as the police.