“Don’t give power to hatred!” This is the main message of the 12th Sofia Pride. The equality march will take place on 8 June 2019!

Sofia Pride 2019 will start at 16:00 h right in front of the Soviet Army Monument in Sofia. The party will start with some performances of beloved artists from Bulgaria and abroad and the march will start at 19:30 h.

This year we will mark 50 years of the Stonewall Riots that lit the spark of the international gay liberation movement and is commemorated with the first pride parades in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 70s.

The Stonewall Riots are a series of civil disobedience of queer people and clashes with the New York police that has been provoked by mass arrests of gay, bi and trans people in a time when same-sex intimacy was a punishable crime.

The riots had started on 28 June 1969 and continued several days. Stonewall not only woke up the queer community in the U.S. but became a symbol and a catalyzer of the international movement for LGBTI equality.

In Bulgaria the pride is still crucial for the community’s visibility and as a challenge against the widespread stigma and hatred against LGBTI people on daily level — rejected by their families, their friends, subjected to hate crimes, school bullying, discrimination in the field of employment, lack of legal recognition of same-sex families, of legal gender recognition and the continuing practice of mutilating and “normalising” practices such as genital surgeries in cases of intersex conditions.

Sofia Pride is one of the few and the most well-known and visible public events that raise awareness of those issues. The pride sends an important message to all LGBTI Bulgarians, their families and friends — you are not alone because we are many.


If you like what we do or you find it important you can support us with a donation or by volunteering!


The pride march is well secured by police and private security but nevertheless, we advise every participant to be aware of our safety tips.


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